Test of FAITH

Clips from the Test of FAITH documentary - Part 2

Part 2 – Examining evolution

The former Director of the Human Genome Project and current Director of the US National Institutes of Health, Dr Francis Collins, discusses the evidence for evolution and how it fits with his Christian faith.

Part 2 – The brain and spiritual experience (A God spot?)

What if spiritual experience has no reality outside our skulls? What if we make God? Or is it simply not surprising that an activity like prayer is correlated with certain kinds of brain activity?

Part 2 – Not just machines

Any neuroscientist knows how much our biology determines our behaviour. But is behaviour 'just' biochemistry?

Part 2 – Cloning

What does cloning mean for human personhood? Geneticist and Bioethicist John Bryant discusses the ethics and implications of human cloning.

Part 2 – Free Will and Choice

John Polkinghorne and Stanford neurobiologist Bill Newsome discuss the relationship between brain matter and choice. Do we have the ability to make meaningful moral choices? Are we simply computers made of meat?

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