We all encounter significant questions in our lives – especially when life gets difficult or we face new and life-changing events. How can I find meaning in my life? Do we have a purpose? Is there a God behind it all? How should I live? Do I need to be saved?

Bethinking.org provides resources to get to grips with these sorts of questions… and more. You can watch, listen to or read discussions and debates on the issues to help you engage with some of the key questions. You can explore Christian beliefs and the reasons for them. You can look at the answers provided by other belief systems and compare them to Christianity. And finally, you can see how the Christian responses relate to living life out in the real world.

We hope that these resources will help you think through these questions and find answers that make sense of the complexities of human life, leading to a life that is real and free, based on an encounter with the Truth.

Who is behind bethinking.org?

Bethinking.org is run by the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF). We work with and for students, seeking to make disciples of Jesus Christ in the student world, by bringing the truth of God’s love and salvation to the heart of university and college campuses. It is our conviction that Christianity is not only true, historically, spiritually and experientially, but leads to true and authentic life. The resources on bethinking.org are available to everyone who is seeking to engage more deeply with the truth, whether you are a student or not, and whether you are a Christian or not.

Our resources

The resources on bethinking.org are provided by the permission of many different individuals and organisations. If you would like to reproduce these resources elsewhere, please contact the copyright holder, shown at the bottom of each resource (see Site Policy for more information). You are, of course, free to use brief quotes and make links to resources – please do mention bethinking.org when you do so!

If you have any comments on our resources (including broken links), would like to see responses to particular questions or issues, have suggestions for resources or wish to contact us about anything else, use our contact form. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, so do Like or Follow us to keep up to date on new material.