Test of FAITH

Clips from the Test of FAITH documentary - Part 1

Part 1 – The debate starts here (Making sense of it all)

How do we know what is true, either in science or in Christianity? Is 'Why is the universe here?' an important question? Many live unexamined lives, never questioning why they belive what they believe. The science and religion debate is all about asking questions about the world, and why we are in it at all.

Part 1 – How can science and faith work together?

Oxford professor Peter Harrison discusses the historical reason for the perceived antagonism between science and faith. He says that it was a 'wedge' strategy devised by agnostic Thomas Huxley to turn science into a serious profession rather than a hobby for clergymen. Physicist turned priest John Polkinghorne says that both science and faith are important in understanding the world.

Part 1 – The limits of science

There are some questions which science is unable to answer.  Why does the universe exist? Why are we here? Science must acknowledge its limits. But Christians in particular should be excited about science because it is a way to explore the world that God has created.

Part 1 – Fine Tuning

Physicist turned priest John Polkinghorne tells the story of Fred Hoyle's discovery of where carbon comes from – and why it shook his beliefs.

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