Jesus Myths - Volume 1 - Introduction

The 19 videos in the 'Jesus Myths Volume 1' series present the most up to date and convincing case to answer questions like: "Did Jesus really exist? What evidence is there for his life outside of the Bible? Can we trust the accounts of his life in the four New Testament Gospels?"

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All of the videos in this series can be accessed using the 'Jesus Myths' tag. Links within the resources allow you to view all the videos in order, although they can also be viewed separately. The videos are:

1. Was Jesus a real person?
2. Are miracles possible?
3. Did Jesus do miracles?
4. How many copies of the Gospels?
5. How do the Gospels compare with other ancient documents?
6. How big are the differences in the various Gospel documents?
7. Jesus, the Gospels, and the Telephone Game
8. The earliest handwritten copy of a Gospel
9. Real places in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
10. Real people in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
11. Eyewitness testimony in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
12. Minor characters in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
13. The main witnesses in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
14. Who wrote the Gospels?
15. Did the Gospel writers spin their accounts of Jesus?
16. Contradictions in the Bible's accounts of Jesus
17. Did Jesus claim he was more than a prophet?
18. When did Jesus's followers first believe he was the Son of God?
19. What difference does Jesus make to us today?

The 'Jesus Myths' series explores some of the modern myths about Jesus, featuring contributions from:

  • Professor Richard Bauckham, University of St. Andrews
  • Professor Craig Blomberg, Denver Theological Seminary
  • Professor Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Professor Craig Evans, Acadia University
  • Professor Larry Hurtado, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Dan Wallace, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Dr David Wenham, Trinity College, Bristol
  • Dr Peter Williams, Tyndale House, Cambridge

[Go to Part 1: Was Jesus a real person?]

You can download all the videos in high quality from Vimeo.
They are also available on the 'God: new evidence' YouTube channel.

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