The God Who Wasn't There

This film is a rehashing of the same hypercritical skepticism that has failed to convince even most skeptical scholars for decades. The Jesus mythers wonder why no scholars want to interact with their work. It is because little new material in terms of data or arguments is being presented in their case, a case that has been decisively refuted time and again. It is far weaker than the conspiracy theory concerning who shot Kennedy. As mentioned earlier, there comes a time when conspiracy theorists no longer command an audience when they rehash the same old arguments. The few new arguments presented in this DVD are unconvincing. Bultmann and others had no respect for the arguments of Jesus mythers and neither should we. These arguments strain data and historical method to the extent that scholarly discussion with Jesus mythers becomes impossible.

(Earl Doherty wrote a Rebuttal to this review to which Mike Licona Replied.)

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