Christian Persuaders Podcasts

"A generation of Christian Persuaders… I really think is the need of the hour." – Tim Keller

What are Christian Persuaders?

The Christian Persuaders Training is a rolling program of public speaking opportunities and tried-and-tested training conferences, for those with gifts and interest in engaging with the many sceptics on UK university campuses.

Our main residential conferences are intentionally small, offering in-depth training and input and the chance to discuss with a small group of similarly minded individuals some of the issues around persuasion and evangelistic engagement. The heart of the conferences are the opportunity to prepare and deliver a fifteen minute apologetic talk, and hear 5 or 6 others, receiving feedback from the Christian Persuaders team.

If you’re committed to engaging with the sceptics on campus and care about persuasive evangelism, find out more about how Christian Persuaders can help you to be more effective in defending your faith, and commending the gospel as good, beautiful and true to this generation of students.

“I am excited about Christian Persuaders because it recognises that apologetics is very important. Evangelism is not just sharing your heart with your friends; people have honest questions which need to be answered. Therefore, the idea of a generation of Christian Persuaders, who are trained to give answers to those questions in the heart of the academy, I really think is the need of the hour.”
– Tim Keller, Minister at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City, author of The Reason for God

Christian Persuaders podcasts

The Christian Persuaders podcasts are a series of interviews conducted by former Christian Persuaders Co-ordinator, Alex Banfield Hicks. His interviewees shared their own experience of how to present the truth and relevance of the Christian Gospel in an effective and persuasive way. They are available from the menu.

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