What to say to Mormons

Someday it will happen to you. You are about to sit down for a late breakfast on a Saturday morning. The french toast smells delicious! A glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee will make the start of a great day. You pour the syrup and prepare to take that tasty first bite, when there is a knock on your door.

Perhaps it’s the neighbor’s child asking for your daughter. Maybe it’s the guy next door who would like to borrow your Craftsman Tools – again. You open the door and ... oh! ... it’s the Mormons!

Sharply dressed and very friendly, they ask if they can come in and tell you about God’s good news. But you are unsure. You remember your Sunday School teacher talking about these visitors who claim they are Christians. Some of the points the teacher made are vague in your mind and many are forgotten. You desire to share with them and feel that you should – but – you do not want to get into a conversation unprepared. So you politely say, “I’m too busy” and close the door.

If you want to be ready ..., this book is for you.

Ah, yes. Where were you? That’s right, back to your breakfast. You slice off a piece of French toast with syrup and take a bite. Mmmm! However, while sipping your coffee you feel a sense of disappointment. You know that you just passed up a valuable opportunity to share your faith because you were unprepared. You say to yourself, “If Jesus were here he would have spoken to them.”

If you want to be ready the next time they come, this book is for you. Its purpose is to provide the knowledge you need to see why these groups do not represent God’s truth and to share this information effectively with Mormons the next time they knock on your door!

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