Why Should Anyone Believe Anything At All?

In a talk given at The Veritas Forum at the University of California, Santa Barbara in February 1998, Dr James Sire considers the role of belief in life. He argues that even in everyday life, it is impossible to escape the need for belief. The question of why we believe what we do has been of ultimate importance for all people, at all times, and in all places.

Dr Sire argues that we must learn to make the fine distinction between reasons to believe and causes of belief. He applies this distinction to the social, psychological, genetic and religious theories of belief. Finally, Dr Sire argues that what one believes must cohere to reality, and he offers several arguments that the Christian faith is a system of belief that does just this.

What is a good reason to believe?

The talk lasts for about 50 minutes. The Q&A session is not available.

© 2009 James Sire
This talk is published here by the kind permission of The Veritas Forum.