Dawkins 'Debates' William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig and Richard Dawkins have finally ended up in a debate on the topic 'Does the Universe Have a Purpose?' at a conference in Mexico called 'La Ciudad de las Ideas' (City of Ideas). Richard Dawkins, however, did not consider this to be a debate with Professor Craig, as he had previously rejected such a debate.

With a panel of  three speakers per side, Richard Dawkins seems to have stepped in at the last moment. Dr Craig writes in his November Reasonable Faith Newsletter:

"On the negative side were Michael Shermer of Sceptic magazine, Matt Ridley, an author, and the infamous Richard Dawkins. With me on the affirmative side were my Talbot colleague Doug Geivett and a dynamic, young rabbi from Los Angeles named David Wolpe."

The debate took place with each speaker holding forth from a full size boxing ring!

The debate was videoed and is available in two versions:
   English version (but no translation of the introductions)
   Spanish version (introductions in Spanish and then a Spanish translation over the top of the English speakers)

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