Resurrection - fact or fiction?

The bethinking booklets seek to address some of the 'big questions' about life in an accessible but convincing manner. This page will provide further resources for you to continue to think through the question of the Resurrection of Jesus – is it a fact or is it a fiction?

What is the evidence for the resurrection?

After Life? Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
by Multiple Speakers

A series of 11 short videos responding to different questions about the resurrection.
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Impossible and Unproven: How can you prove Jesus rose again?
by Adrian Holloway

In this video, Adrian presents the case for the resurrection of Christ based only on the facts that even sceptical scholars normally accept as historically true.

The Resurrection Factor (Parts 1-5)
by Josh McDowell

In this talk, a former sceptic explains why he changed his mind on the resurrection of Jesus.
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Bill Craig's Lecture 'Evidence for Jesus's Resurrection'
by William Lane Craig

In this video, Bill Craig takes a detailed examination of the evidence for the resurrection.

To investigate further and to go deeper into the various issues, explore all of’s resources on the topic of Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?.

Why is the resurrection so important to Christians?

You may also be interested in resources which explain why Christians see the resurrection as so significant for people today: Explore: Resurrection.

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