Angels, wise men, and a baby

The bethinking booklets seek to address some of the 'big questions' about life in an accessible but convincing manner. This page provides further resources for you to continue to think through the question of what Christmas is all about – why is Jesus so significant that we celebrate his birth at Christmas time?

Did the Christmas story really happen?

Truth in the Story of Christmas
by John Dickson

This article examines some key questions about the historicity of the events of the first Christmas.

Can we trust the New Testament accounts of Jesus?

Jesus Myths - Volume 1
by Multiple Speakers

These 19 short videos examine the firm historical evidence for the Gospel accounts of Jesus and show why it is impossible to dismiss Jesus as a myth. Start with the link above and follow the parts in order or select the questions that interest you.

Recent Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels
by Gary R. Habermas

This article reviews various evidence which show that the Gospels are reliable historical documents.

How can we say that Jesus was both God and man?

Good, Bad or Mad - Who Really Is Jesus?
by Orlando Saer

This talk considers the options we have in deciding who Jesus is. Was he good, was he bad or was he just mad?

The Trilemma: Lord, Liar or Lunatic?
by Jay Medenwaldt

This article considers the evidence that needs to be considered when deciding whether Jesus was Lord (ie. God), a liar or a lunatic.

Digging Deeper

The Evidence for Christianity
by Bill Craig

Consider a much broader perspective on the various evidence for the truth of Christianity.

Investigate Jesus for Sceptics by Michael Green

Jesus for Sceptics is a bethinking book written for those who are sceptical about Jesus but are open to examining and considering the evidence for Jesus. The author writes that he sought to be "brief but accurate and arresting", considering such questions as:

"Who was Jesus?"
"Have we any reliable information about him?"
"Why was he killed?"
"Is the resurrection possible?"
"What difference could he make to my life?"

View brief videos by Michael Green setting out what he tries to do in each chapter of the book.

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