Refreshing Your Apologetics - some suggestions

It often seems difficult to make time for a refresher course – and sometimes the issue is knowing just how and where to start. So here are a few suggestions, under a few different headings, that might help you to get started on re-considering some of those difficult questions that crop up or perhaps just to brush up a little more in an area you feel less at home with.

Questions on Suffering

There’s a whole Category on that covers Suffering. Here are a few recent additions:

"Since Evil Exists, How can I Believe in a Loving God?" – a talk by Peter May given shortly after the earthquake in Haiti.

"Taking your suffering to God" – John Dickson’s series of 3 talks.

"Job and the Problem of Evil" – Philosopher Eleonore Stump gives a slightly different take on the problem of evil.

The New Testament

Most of the resources to do with Biblical reliability are in the Bible and Jesus Category.

"Ancient Evidence for Jesus from  Non-Christian Sources" – Michael Gleghorn compiles a useful summary.

"Derren Brown - Tricks of the Mind" – my article responding to Derren Brown’s claim in his book, Tricks of the Mind, that begins with “The Bible is not history”.

"The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ" – Tony Watkins provides some background to, and critique of, Philip Pullman's book.

"Was Paul the Founder of Christianity?" – David Wenham counters Pullman's implication that Paul distorted the truth about Jesus.

'Scientific' Apologetics

"God: new evidence – Part 1" – a series of videos which examine the current issue of whether the fine tuning of the universe points towards the existence of God. Also discusses the multiverse theory.

"Test of FAITH – an introduction" – a more general introduction to the whole science-religion debate, from the Faraday Institute. More links to videos and other resources.

'Literary' Apologetics

Two series from Pete Lowman examine literature from the perspective of apologetics.

"Fictional Absence - Introduction: the  Practice of the Absence of God"

"Chronicles of Heaven Unshackled - Part 0 – Introduction"

The Essence of Apologetics

"The Essence of Apologetics" – Os Guinness's 4 part lecture series was given some time back, but explains more than just the 'essence' of apologetics, with real insight and challenge.


And finally, if you're still not yet sure how you will (or should) vote at the forthcoming General Election:

Jonathan Chaplin answers the question "How Should Christians Vote in 2010?"

Andrew Goddard urges us to be "Thinking Christianly About Politics"

And two contrasting articles on Christian approaches to the role of the State to help you decide your own position: "State Expectations" and "Power Against People"

Keep thinking!