Christian Intellectuals in the World

Roy McCloughry talks about the role of a Christian academic in the world.

His talk covers a range of issues, including:

  • the need to develop a Christian Mind and for some to be able to interpret academic work and make it accessible to others, rather than conducting new research themselves.
  • helping people move from complexity and confusion to clarity in their thought is a Christian service. The academic is often someone who asks the awkward questions and does not accept things at face value. This requires persistence and also has a cost to it.
  • God uses the whole of our life and our passions, not just our mind and ideas. Our whole life is our vocation – whatever we do.
  • issues of integrity may arise, which requires boundaries to be clear – what are the lines we will not cross? Such situations need us to be courageous. Wise advisors and mentors are particularly helpful in such times.

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