The Biggest Question: 4. The Suffering of Children

This is Part 4 of a video series called The Biggest Questions: why does God allow suffering? produced by Focus. Each video in the series is introduced by BBC TV Songs of Praise presenter Diane Louise Jordan. They are all abut 5 minutes in length.

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Videos 1-7: Personal Stories
Videos 8-15: Possible Answers
Videos 16-19: Personal Responses to Suffering
Video 20: The Suffering of Children

The Suffering of Children

In this final video, the questions raised by the suffering of children is considered.

20. The Hardest Choice

In the last video in this series, we ask, why does a good God let innocent children suffer? The suffering of children may be one of the hardest questions we ever face. It gives us a choice – we can choose whether or not to trust God’s goodness and love, even when we do not understand. This is not ‘blind faith’ – there are good reasons for us to believe in God’s reality, love and power. [Back to menu]

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