Dysciples a review

We live in an age where a lot of emphasis is placed on instantaneous success. Sadly this level of unreal expectation has permeated Christian life. This imaginatively titled book (looking at dysfunctional Christians) tackles the very real problem of instantaneous sanctification and satisfaction, rather than realising that Christian maturity is an ongoing process.

Honey, Where’s My Super Suit?

The author, in 13 succinct chapters going from Dissatisfied, why I feel I am going nowhere, through to Disqualified, why I could never be a missionary, confronts Christians to think through and work out the need to live for Jesus in a broken and hurting society. He does so by citing examples from Matthew’s Gospel, coupled with bright and imaginative examples from the 21st century. Each chapter concludes with discovery questions for the individual, discussion questions for a group, and further study suggestions. The great value in such an approach is that everyone will be made to think about their personal walk with God.

The challenge for us as Christian disciples is to have a good memory, and yet retain the worship. We need to remember God’s faithfulness, teaching and love, and yet still enjoy being with his people, reading his word and discovering his character (page 85).

With few reservations, I commend this book as ‘iron sharpens iron’. Working with this book could help to bring clarity to Christians, as they seek to live out and proclaim the glorious gospel.

Book Title: Dysciples: Why I fall asleep when I pray, and twelve other discipleship dysfunctions
Author: Krish Kandiah
Publication Details: Authentic Media. 208 pages. £8.99
ISBN: 978-1-85078-824-9

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