Apologetics and the Environment

Environmental and 'Green' issues are a prime concern for many people today. David Cook considers whether Christianity is to blame and asks what a Biblical and practical response should be.

The Problem

Pollution of the air and water
Land degradation
Loss of natural resources
War and refugees
Environmental abuses
Materialistic lifestyle
Running out of earth
Spaceship earth has first and third class carriages
One earth - Chernobyl / Exxon Valdez

The claim that Christianity is to blame

Be fruitful and multiply
Subdue the earth - selfish carelessness
Have dominion - domination
Christianity and capitalism - proof of election


Biblical perspectives on creator and creation
Biblical perspectives on humanity as part of yet distinct from created order
Biblical perspectives on answerability
Biblical perspectives on stewardship
The fall
The whole of creation groans
The model of the shepherd king
Jubilee laws
The new creation
Contraception Capitalism
Other religions and cultures

Strategies for environmentally friendly living

Simple life-style
Development and environment
Waste accumulation and disposal
Relations with animals
Relations with air, land and water
Wilderness and leisure
Public and political action
Global responses


  1. How can we reinforce understanding of the ecological crisis?
  2. How can we show that Christianity is not the culprit?
  3. How can we share biblical perspectives on the problem and cures?
  4. How can we show the difference Christian responsibility makes?
  5. What is a biblical view of contraception?