Crucifixion: con trick to start a religion?

The bethinking booklets seek to address some of the 'big questions' about life in an accessible but convincing manner. This page provides further resources for you to continue to think through the question of whether the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion was anything more than a cruel death of a political and religious zealot.

Christians take the Cross as the symbol of Christianity because it shows the work of God to bring us back to a new relationship with him. These resources look at questions such as:

  • Why do Christians see the death of Jesus as so vital to their faith?
  • What was the cross supposed to achieve?
  • Isn’t it enough just to try to be a good person?
  • Isn’t sin out of date?
  • How can we believe in judgement if there’s no sin?
  • What is it about sin that made the Cross necessary?

Questions about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Why Did Jesus Have to Die on the Cross?
by Richard Cunningham

In this talk, Richard Cunningham responds to the question of what the death of Jesus Christ on a Roman cross was all about, clearing up six common misconceptions.

Sceptical about Forgiveness through the Cross?
by Michael Green

In this brief video, Michael Green introduces the chapter from his book Jesus for Sceptics which deals with the question.

Questions about being good and 'sin'

"Why Can't I Just be a Good Person?"
by Michael Ramsden

In this article, Michael Ramsden asks whether there exists such a thing as a ‘good person’.

Ethics after God
by Pete Lowman

Pete Lowman asks what are the consequences of rejecting God as a source of right and wrong.

Did Morals Evolve?
by Greg Koukl

If our sense of morality evolved, then when we say “That’s wrong”, we are saying no more than “I don’t like that” or “That’s not good for the survival of my genes / tribe / society.” But that’s not usually what we mean. Greg Koukl argues that we need God’s eternal standards if we are to give any objective meaning to saying that things are evil or wrong.

Was It Wicked?
by Don Carson

In this brief extract from a longer talk, Don Carson tells the story of Claudia, a post-modern woman, who eventually came to realise that morality is an objective truth and personal sin is real.

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