William Lane Craig on C.S. Lewis

Richard Cunningham interviews William Lane Craig on the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. The interview broadens from C.S. Lewis into discussion of various topics, including:

the Kalam Cosmological Argument;
the Trilemma argument and the addition of 'Legend' to the question of whether Jesus is 'Lord, Liar or Lunatic' – see also 'The Trilemma: Lord, liar or lunatic?';
what the titles of Son of God and Son of Man tell us about Jesus;
Lewis' encounter with Elizabeth Anscombe at the Socratic Club debate in 1948 and its consequences (including philosopher Alvin Plantinga's own treatment of the issue under debate – see Plantinga's talk 'An Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism');
the use of imagination in apologetics and the role in apologetics of the human longing for something 'more' or 'beyond';
Lewis' responses to logical positivism and to postmodernism.

Professor Craig also states that in his own ministry he has argued that the existence of God and God's self-revelation in Jesus as shown by his resurrection from the dead are "the twin pillars on which Christianity rests".

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