The Real Francis Schaeffer

David Illman of Christian Heritage, Cambridge, introduces a session examining the life and influence of Francis Schaeffer.

The speakers are Ranald Macaulay (Francis Schaeffer's son-in-law and founder of Christian Heritage), Andrew Fellows (L'Abri England) and Dr Greg Jensen (Professor of Philosophy, Luther College, Iowa).

Ranald Macaulay recalls his first meeting with Schaeffer and his views on 'true spirituality' and 'true Truth'. He also gives a brief chronology of Schaeffer's work and L'Abri.

Andrew Fellows never met Schaeffer but acknowledges the huge influence he had on his own life as well as his wider legacy, 30 years after his death. He describes that legacy as being that of a comprehensive Reformer. Andrew sees L'Abri as the practical outworking of what Schaeffer passionately believed to be true, with that outworking being reflected in three areas: a passionate commitment to a truth lived out; a passionate commitment to the full Lordship of Christ over all of life; a passionate commitment to persons.

Ranald Macaulay interviews Greg Jesson on the influence that Francis Schaeffer had on his own life and his teaching of philosophy.

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