Mission, Postmodernity and Apologetics

The late British missiologist Lesslie Newbigin made a profound impact on many evangelicals. His prophetical call to mission in the West was accompanied by a penetrating analysis of modernity and a rejection of apologetics. This workshop offers a critical engagement with Newbigin's thinking and seeks to identify a more adequate response to the challenges of (post)modernity.

I. Introduction to Lesslie Newbigin

  1. Short biography
  2. Newbigin's diagnosis of Western culture 'plausibility structures'
    influence of Enlightenment ideas; loss of teleology; the fact-value dichotomy; secularization
  3. Newbigin's remedy
    The Church as the 'hermeneutic of the Gospel'
  4. Newbigin's apologetics
    Rejection of classical apologetics

II. Appraisal and critique

  1. Newbigin's cultural analysis
    1. appraisal
    2. critique
  2. Newbigin's epistemology
    1. appraisal
    2. critique
  3. Newbigin's vision for the church
    1. appraisal
    2. critique