Flirting with the Truth

The Apostle Paul stands before Felix, and with gentleness and persuasion, brings Felix to common ground and shares the power of the Gospel. Likewise, our challenge is to notice the points of contact we still have in our cultures so that we may effectively communicate the truth of Christ.

Theme: Communicating the Truth; Text: Acts 24

Historical Background of Acts 24

Paul is a model because he had both theological integrity and methodological genius.

I.  Paul found common ground in a point of reference

A. The four stages of effective communication
B. The moral argument as common ground

II. Paul moves from a point of reference to a point of relevance

A. The point of relevance for Felix
B. What is the point of relevance in our time? 

III. Paul moves from a point of relevance to a point of disturbance

A. The point of disturbance for Felix
B. Why does Paul follow this method?

IV. Three applications for today