THE BIBLE TV series - an overview

Dig deeper behind Channel 5's TV series 'THE BIBLE', including video clips, talks and articles to help you get to grips with the issues raised by each episode.

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the events are not only historically true but they have a life-changing significance for each one of us

Channel 5's TV series 'THE BIBLE' aims to bring to life some of the key events related in the Bible, from Noah through to the early Christian church. But for some, it may raise various questions about God, the Bible and the events shown. So we've put together resources to help you dig deeper into some of these issues raised by 'THE BIBLE' episodes. As Christianity is rooted in historical events, 'THE BIBLE' can help to make that more real. Our resources seek to show not only that the events are historically true but that they have a life-changing significance for each one of us today.

The links below will take you to resources for some general questions that might arise about the whole of THE BIBLE series.

What is the Bible?

Find out more about the book behind the TV series. What is it? Who wrote it? How can I understand it?

Why should I believe God exists?

Why do Christians believe that God exists? Find out some of the reasons.

Did the events recorded in the Bible actually happen?

Is the Bible historically true? Explore some of the issues here.

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If you've enjoyed watching the TV series, read the book!
A good place to start is with the Gospel of Luke.

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