THE BIBLE Episode 5: Passion

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Episode 5: Passion

Jesus is tried by the Romans and is led off to be crucified. On the third day after his death, Jesus' body is found to have disappeared from the tomb and his followers see him alive. Preaching of this Good News by the early Christians results in persecution, although one of the chief persecutors, Saul, himself sees a vision of the risen Jesus and becomes a Christian. He takes the new name Paul. Many of the early disciples die for their faith, but their message of hope, forgiveness and new life spreads across the Roman empire.

Questions and Issues on Episode 5

The Trial of Jesus

Peter Harris looks at the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate, and asks whether this picture of Pilate is in line with what else we know about him: Pontius Pilate: have the Gospels got it right?

Why did Jesus die on a Cross?

Richard Cunningham talks about six misconceptions about the Cross of Jesus and explains its true significance for us today in Why Did Jesus Have to Die on the Cross? (a transcript of the talk is also included).

Why believe that Jesus rose from the dead?

After Life? Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus presents 11 short videos examining different questions about the resurrection, from why it matters to whether it was a hoax. For the first four videos and to see the list of titles, go to After Life? Part 1.
The Resurrection Factor is a series of talks (with full transcript) that gives Josh McDowell's journey from scepticism about the resurrection to belief. It examines the evidence and looks at the alternative theories. Go to The Resurrection Factor Part 1.
Patrick Zukeran suggests that there are three key facts that need to be accounted for in examining the Resurrection. He then examines five alternative explanations of the Resurrection and shows that they are inadequate to explain the known facts. Read The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction?.
Watch William Lane Craig's lecture from his 2011 tour entitled The Evidence for Jesus's Resurrection.
Watch Gary Habermas' talk on the Resurrection Evidence that Changed a Generation of Scholars.

What does it all mean?

Former Bishop of Durham, N.T. Wright, reflects on the question Why Does Jesus' Resurrection Matter? Considering Its Relevance for Today.
In this article, Norman Geisler helps us consider The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

To dig deeper

Read Michael Green's book Jesus for Sceptics. View the chapter titles and video trailers here. Buy the book here.
Read Richard Cunningham's bethinking booklet Crucifixion: con trick to start a religion?. Buy the book here.
See more resources here.

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