THE BIBLE Episode 4: Mission

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Episode 4: Mission

This episode covers almost the whole of Jesus' ministry, over a period of about three years. It looks at his teachings, the miracles, and the different reactions that these provoke amongst the people, the Jewish leaders and the Romans. It concludes with Jesus' arrest and condemnation before the Jewish leaders for blasphemy.

Questions and Issues on Episode 4

Are the New Testament documents reliable?

J.P. Moreland tells us why we can trust the New Testament in The Historicity of the New Testament.
Norman Geisler shows why The Dating of the New Testament puts its documents well within the lives of the eyewitnesses to these events.
Peter S. Williams shows why archaeology underscores the Historical Reliability of the New Testament.

Are the Gospels themselves reliable?

These resources specifically examine the reliability of the four New Testament Gospel accounts of Jesus' life.
In this video, Peter J. Williams presents fascinating New Evidence the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts.
In this article, Gary R. Habermas examines different Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels.

To dig deeper, read Michael Green's book Jesus for Sceptics. View the chapter titles and video trailers here. Buy the book here.

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A good place to start is with the Gospel of Luke.

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