THE BIBLE Episode 3: Hope

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Episode 3: Hope

This episode spans hundreds of years, starting with the Fall of Jerusalem and the exile of many Jews in Babylon, including Daniel.

Many years later, we move back to Israel, and see the birth of Jesus, the ministry of John the Baptist and the early days of Jesus' own ministry.

Questions and Issues on Episode 3

In this episode, we come to the birth of Jesus and his early ministry, recorded in the books of the New Testament.

Did Jesus exist?

What can we know about Jesus apart from in the New Testament?
In this article, Michael Gleghorn looks at Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources.
In this talk, historian John Dickson evaluates the key Sources for the life of Jesus.

The birth of Jesus

In these two articles, John Dickson looks for Truth in the story of Christmas, and Josh McDowell asks Was Jesus born of a Virgin?

Thinking again about who Jesus was

Doug Groothuis reads the Gospels as a philosopher and challenges us to reconsider The Jesus We Never Knew.
In the light of Jesus' extraordinary claims about himself, Nick Cuthbert asks the question "Who Is Jesus?".

For questions about the historicity of the New Testament and the Gospels, see resouces in THE BIBLE TV Series Episode 4.

To dig deeper, read Michael Green's book Jesus for Sceptics. View the chapter titles and video trailers here. Buy the book here.

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If you've enjoyed watching the TV series, read the book!
A good place to start is with the Gospel of Luke.

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