THE BIBLE Episode 2: Homeland

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Episode 2: Homeland

This episode starts off as the Israelites enter the Promised Land under Joshua at the battle of Jericho, and continues through Samson, one of the judges or leaders of Israel, to the time of the early kings of Israel, Saul and David.

Questions and Issues on Episode 2

For resources on the historicity of the Old Testament and on violence on the Old Testament, see the links in Episode 1.

Don't all the miracles in the Bible show it's not true?

All through the Bible, miracles are recorded. If the universe really does have a Creator (see links in Episode 1), then perhaps it's reasonable to believe that he still acts in his world. Or have philosophers and scientists shown that miracles just don't (and can't) happen?
Read the thoughts of two medical doctors on Miracles.

The Bible is realistic about human nature

Many of the main characters in the Bible are hardly good role models for our lives today. The Bible does not try to cover up their faults. We are told when they disobey God and we see the reality of sin and its grim consequences in the rest of their lives. King David's adultery with Bathsheba, for example, leads David further into sin as he conspires to get her husband killed. This Episode shows many other illustrations. Two articles reflect on human nature and what it says to us about God.
In Richard Dawkins and the Man Delusion, Peter May reflects on the roots of moral behaviour in the light of recent rioting in England.
In Why Can't I Just be a Good Person?, Michael Ramsden asks whether anyone can live a life that is good enough for God – and if not, asks what can we do?

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A good place to start is with the Gospel of Luke.

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