THE BIBLE Episode 1: Beginnings

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Episode 1: Beginnings

This first episode of THE BIBLE takes us from the Creation of the universe, which we hear being related by Noah to his family on the Ark, through God's promises to Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the Exodus from Egypt and on to the entry of the people of Israel into Canaan under the leadership of Joshua.

Questions and Issues on Episode 1

With the advances of science, can we still believe in a Creator God?

Peter May's article, Has Science disproved God?, gives two good reasons, one philosophical and one scientific, for belief in a Creator God.
In this talk, Harvard Professor of Astronomy Owen Gingerich explains why he believes that we live in God's Universe.
This series of videos explains how recent scientific discoveries point to the reality of a Creator God. God: new evidence - Part 1.

Why does God command so much killing and destruction in the Old Testament?

Most Christians will admit that they find this to be a hard question. I think it needs to be looked at in the light of the whole message of the Bible, sin and God's plan for redemption, so there are no quick and easy answers. Chris Sinkinson outlines some helpful points in his article Unapologetic Christianity Is God a monster?
Paul Coulter looks at many of the issues in more detail in his article Old Testament Mass Killings.
You can watch Peter J. Williams speaking on these issues in The New Atheists and the Old Testament.
If you want to read further on this, the second part of Christopher Wright's book The God I Don't Understand covers this question. You can read my review of the book here.

Did events like the Exodus, recorded in the Old Testament, really happen?

The following three articles are all helpful on this topic:
Professor Kenneth A. Kitchen brings together a broad view of the evidence for The Factual Reliability of the Old Testament.
Dr Peter J. Williams considers the issues behind establishing Old Testament History in the light of its critics, asking Is the Playing Field Level?.
Professor Alan Millard responds to the criticisms of the historicity of the Old Testament which were raised in the BBC's TV series The Bible's Buried Secrets.

Meaning and Purpose in Life

The events recorded in the Bible are connected together by the purposes of God and his plan for salvation, made available to everybody through Jesus (more in Episode 5 on that!). When we open our lives to God, we can find the significant meaning and purpose that our own lives can possess.
To find out more:
Read William Lane Craig's article on "The Absurdity of Life Without God"
Listen to him speak on "Is Life Without God Absurd?"
Listen to Os Guiness speak on "Meaning - Why the unexamined life is not worth living".

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If you've enjoyed watching the TV series, read the book!
A good place to start is with the Gospel of Luke.

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