The End of Reason a review

“Even with all the restraint I can muster,” writes Ravi Zacharias, “this is the most strongly worded book I have ever written.” Alarmed by the “cultural devastation” wreaked by the philosophy of the new atheists, Ravi sets out to expose the utter bankruptcy of the atheist worldview – to demonstrate, in his own words, that the emperor of new atheism has no clothes.

Written specifically as a response to Sam Harris’ The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, Ravi confidently points out the inconsistencies and logical fallacies in much of Harris’ argumentation, specifically highlighting his poor understanding of the Bible and of other religions. He unpacks and challenges Harris’ core assertions: that religious convictions can cause or turn a blind eye to suffering, that all religious beliefs are irrational, outdated and unscientific and that the Bible is no basis for morality. He also unweaves Harris’ attempt to argue the case against God from a moral standpoint, by showing the philosophical looseness in his attempt to make authoritative moral arguments within an atheist framework.

The strength of The End of Reason, however, lies not only in Ravi’s debunking of Harris’ core arguments, but in uncovering the path down which new atheism leads its followers. Ravi exposes the reality that the atheist worldview is inescapably bleak, with no basis for love, hope, morality or the value of human life – that “the emperor has no clothes, and through his verbal magic Harris is trying hard to cover him up.”

The time has come for someone to slay this dragon of disbelief – and I can think of no-one better to wield the sword than my friend Ravi Zacharias.

- Lee Strobel

Written forcefully, yet with characteristic grace, The End of Reason is a powerful and compelling set of arguments for the coherence, truth and hope of the Christian faith. If you’ve ever been disturbed by the atheist polemics of people like Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, then this is a book for you.

Book Title: The End of Reason: A Response to the New Atheists
Author: Ravi Zacharias
Publication Details: Zondervan, 2008

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