Welcome to the new bethinking

Welcome to the new bethinking.org. We still have some of the very best resources available to help you think through how to respond to some of the big questions about life but we hope the changes will make it even easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for.

We think that the new site is clear and self-explanatory, so do spend some time exploring to see all the new features. However, we know it can take a little time to get used to new websites, so if you'd like a little guidance to get started and find out what's available, you'll find some useful information below.

We love to hear from bethinking users, so whether you've got a comment on the new site, a question to which you'd like to see a response, found a broken link or anything else at all, do get in touch with us.

Use the Search Box

You can still navigate to resources you want using the four Sections (Engage, Explore, Compare and Relate) and their Categories and browsing through the listings, but we recommend using the Search box to find what you want more directly. You can then Filter or Sort your search results furhter if needed. Our Advanced Search will help you define your search more precisely. 'Tips for more effective searching' can also be found on the Advanced Search page.

Resource Series

Resources that are closely related (eg. a talk and its Q&A session) or in a series are now easier to access, with all parts being available from the menu on the left.


The Help page can be found by searching for 'help'. This will be updated with responses to common questions we receive.


The Events page, with details of relevant talks, courses and conferences, can be found by searching for 'events'.

Keep Up-to-Date

There are lots of ways to keep up-to-date with new resources on bethinking.org and occasional other items we think you may find relevant and interesting. Follow the links at the bottom of each page for bethinking.org's Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed or to sign up to the bethinkers' email newsletter.

Sharing Resources

Tell your friends about resources on bethinking.org that they may find interesting. You can access email, Facebook, Twitter or Stumble Upon from the Share icon at the top of each resource.


All resources now have Tags (you'll find them at the bottom of each resource) to allow you easily to find other resources on the same general topic. A full list of Tags can be obtained from the Index menu. Clicking on one of these will show all the resources with that Tag.


The Index menu allows you to view the complete list of Tags or Authors and select whichever is of interest to see all the associated resources. The full list of resources within each of the four Sections can also be viewed here, arranged by level (beware - it can be a long list!)


All the resources on bethinking.org are available freely to everyone. However, if you appreciate our resources and you're in a position to contribute towards our costs, please consider a gift to help keep this website running. Just click on the link at the bottom of any page to find out more.

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