Studying ... Apologetics?

How can you study apologetics? That's a great question. We've got some great ideas to help you.

  • Read some apologetics books
  • Do an apologetics course (search for 'Events' on
  • Visit an apologetics resource centre (L'Abri, Zacharias Trust)
  • Listen to some apologetics talks
  • Visit some apologetics websites



It Makes Sense - Steven Gaukrodger
Evangelism Made Slightly Less Difficult - Nick Pollard
I'd Like to Believe but...  - Michael Green and Nick Spencer
Beyond Belief to Convictions - Josh McDowell
Why Trust the Bible? - Amy Orr-Ewing


That's Just Your Interpretation - Paul Copan
True for You but Not for Me - Paul Copan
Escape from Reason - Francis Schaeffer
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus - Gary Habermas and Michael Licona
To Everyone An Answer - William Lane Craig, JP Moreland and Francis J. Beckwith
The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict - Josh McDowell
The Case For Christ - Lee Strobel
The Case For Faith - Lee Strobel
Can Man Live Without God? - Ravi Zacharias


The God Who is There - Francis Schaeffer
Christian Apologetics - Norman Geisler
Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics - Norman Geisler
Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig
Scaling the Secular City - JP Moreland
Does God Exist? - JP Moreland

Apologetics courses

The Zacharias Trust (Oxford, UK) offer a range of training programmes and summer schools.
Christian Heritage (Cambridge, UK) offer the Cambridge Apologetics Apprenticeship each year and run apologetics summer schools.
The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (Oxford, UK) runs various apologetics training programmes in association with Wycliffe Hall.

Organisations that do apologetics

L'Abri (Liss, Hampshire, UK) have many bases around the world. They offer a tape library with thousands of tapes on many different subjects and a community based approach to thinking through life's big questions.
Zacharias Trust (Oxford, UK) offer apologetics speakers and have a passion for engaging both the heart and the mind.