Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)

The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) is an autonomous study centre based in Oxford, England. Established in 2005, OCCA offers a range of programmes.

By coming to study at the OCCA you will:

  • Receive solid biblical grounding based upon evangelical conviction
  • Be taught how to face today's challenges to Christian thought with philosophically astute academic excellence
  • Apply your learning in practical evangelistic settings
  • Have the opportunity to question and respond to material you encounter
  • Be encouraged to take research initiative, helping to sharpen your mind
  • Receive training that will shape a lifetime
  • Be taught and discipled by leading theologians, apologists and scholars including Alister McGrath, John Lennox, Os Guinness, Amy Orr-Ewing and Michael Ramsden
  • Be equipped to be able to speak for Christ in the public sphere

The training opportunities currently on offer are:

OCCA Programme

The OCCA Programme is designed to be optional means of additional training for students enrolling on the Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) at Wycliffe Hall. The CTS is a University of Oxford course taught by the award-winning faculty of Wycliffe Hall and the wider university. CTS students are full members of Wycliffe Hall and its vibrant, evangelical, worshipping community and have the full status and benefits of being University of Oxford students. The CTS provides an opening for people of all ages to receive an excellent framework for both academic theological studies and its practical outworking in Christian service. A prerequisite of acceptance to the OCCA Programme is acceptance to the CTS. 

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OCCA Programme for Masters Students

The OCCA Programme for Masters Students is designed to be taken as an optional means of additional training for students enrolling on Masters courses offered by Wycliffe Hall in theology or related disciplines. The programme aids pursuit of excellence in academic study and practical evangelism through additional support and training. Students taking this programme have full access to the extensive resources of OCCA while being able to individually adapt their OCCA involvement around the commitments of their Masters course. A prerequisite of acceptance to the programme is acceptance on to a relevant Masters 

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OCCA Business Programme

The OCCA Business Programme is a stand-alone programme – entry requirements do not include acceptance into a university study program. The OCCA Business Programme is designed for experienced business people and professionals in the workplace. The course runs for 5 weeks rather than a full academic year, making it suitable for a sabbatical or extended period of annual leave. It is the perfect choice for those seeking to go deeper in their Christian witness. It covers foundational teaching in apologetics, theology and biblical studies, all with a special focus on workplace evangelism. 

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Other Training Opportunities

RZIM also offer many other training opportunities, including a training weekend programme and one-day training events throughout the year.

Further details can be found at www.theocca.org or www.rzim.eu