Welcome to the help page. If you're wanting to find out a bit more about what bethinking is about and who we are, our about page will tell you more.

This Help page will give you advice on getting the most out of bethinking and other issues that people have asked us about. The page will be updated to reflect common questions that we get asked.


You can still navigate to resources you want using the four Sections (Engage, Explore, Compare and Relate) and their Categories, but we recommend using the Search box to find what you want. You can then Filter or Sort your search results. Our Advanced Search will help you define your search more precisely. 'Tips for more effective searching' can also be found on the Advanced Search page.

Events Listing

If you're looking for Events such as talks, courses or conferences, just type that into the search box to find the relevant page.

Printing and PDF files

You can Print most resources using the Print icon at the top of each resource page. To obtain a PDF file of a resource, install a PDF writer (eg. CutePDF Writer) and select that as your printer before printing.

Sharing Resources

You can tell your friends about resources on that they may find interesting by an email link, or through Facebook, Twitter or Stumble Upon. Just click on the Share icon at the top right of each resource page (or even from its listing in a Category or in Search results).

Comment on Resources

You can comment on most of our resources using the Mail icon at the top of each resource page.

Keep Up-to-Date

There are lots of ways to keep up-to-date with new resources on and receive other news we think you may find relevant and interesting. Follow the links at the bottom of each page for bethinking's Facebook, Twitter or RSS Feed or to sign up to the bethinkers' email newsletter.


All resources now have Tags (you'll find them at the bottom of each resource page) to allow you easily to find other resources on the same general topic. A full list of Tags can be obtained from the Index menu. Clicking on one of these will immediately present all the resources with that Tag.


The Index menu allows you to view the complete list of Tags or Authors and select whichever is of interest to see all the associated resources. The full list of resources within each of the four Sections can also be viewed here, arranged by level (beware - it can be a long list!)

Audio Resources

You can play audio resources while viewing a page or download the mp3 file to play later. If you play the audio directly, the volume can be adjusted using the bar, the headphones icon acts as a Mute toggle, and the play point can be selected on the timing line.


All the resources on are available freely to everyone. However, if you appreciate our resources and you're in a position to contribute towards our costs, please consider a gift to help keep this website running. Just click on the link at the bottom of any page to find out more.

What is the music behind the voiceover on some of the talks?

It’s a sample from the song, ‘Sky in your eyes’ by the band noteforachild from their album ‘Late and Alone’. Thanks to Susie and Daniel for this.

Other Questions

Please email us using the link at the foot of the page if you continue to have any problems or have other questions not covered here.

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