C.S. Lewis and Imaginative Fiction

In November 2013, on the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis's death, Westminster Abbey honoured the novelist, poet, academic and Christian apologist with a memorial in Poet's Corner. At the same time, a symposium on C.S. Lewis was held in the church next door to the Abbey, St Margaret's, Westminster.

Christian Evidence has produced three videos which capture the key lectures of the symposium.

In this second lecture, "Telling the Truth Through Imaginative Fiction", Dr Malcolm Guite reads from the poetry and storytelling of C.S. Lewis, examining how Lewis sought to reconcile the perceived conflict between imagination and reason, and the vital role imagination would ultimately play in Lewis's apologetics. This is followed by questions from the audience.

Photo from CS Lewis Symposium

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Photo from CS Lewis Symposium

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Also hear audio highlights from the Westminster Abbey Memorial Service to C.S. Lewis.

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