Richard Cunningham interviews William Lane Craig on the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. The interview broadens from C.S. Lewis into discussion of various topics, including:

the Kalam Cosmological Argument;
the Trilemma argument and the addition of 'Legend' to the question of whether Jesus is 'Lord, Liar or Lunatic' – see also 'The Trilemma: Lord, liar or lunatic?';
what the titles of Son of God and Son of Man tell us about Jesus;
Lewis' encounter with Elizabeth Anscombe at the Socratic Club debate in 1948 and its consequences (including philosopher Alvin Plantinga's own treatment of the issue under debate – see Plantinga's talk 'An Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism');
the use of imagination in apologetics and the role in apologetics of the human longing for something 'more' or 'beyond';
Lewis' responses to logical positivism and to postmodernism.

Professor Craig also states that in his own ministry he has argued that the existence of God and God's self-revelation in Jesus as shown by his resurrection from the dead are "the twin pillars on which Christianity rests".

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